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phantsy is all about places. discover restaurants, shops, hotels, bars, cultural venues or other landmarks and decide, if you phantsy them or not. phollow likeminded people that have the same taste and interests...or just take a glance, which places are popular right now. city guides, travel websites and newspaper critics become outdated - phantsy easily shows you the greatest places during your trips or right in your hometown. explore a trusted world. we phantsy that.

Way to phantsy



If you first enter and have not set any filter yet, you get an overview of places in all cities, all categories and by everyone using phantsy. If you want to get more specific results, open the filter settings by clicking into the taskbar.



You can now easily choose the cities, categories and guides, you are interested in. By selecting „my places“ you see all the places,you’ve ever phantsied.

Guides are people you’ve decided to phollow, likeminded people are people with a similar taste.

Keep in mind: The more places you rate, the more likeminded people and recommendations phantsy can find for you!
If you choose to see everybody’s suggestions, you get an overview of the most popular places in general.

In addition you can decide, if you want to see the best rated, the closest or the newest places first, by choosing „ranked by“.



From the overview you can select a certain place to get detailed information about it.

Decide if you phantsy or unphantsy that place and leave a comment if you like.

If the place, you want to rate, does not exist right now, add it!
By editing a place, you can change its details or add photos.
Likeminded phans phantsy that certain place and are also ranked by their correspondence to your taste.

Click on other user’s picture to view their favourite places and if you phantsy their recommendations, just phollow them!

now get started...phantsy that!